70th CMA Jubilee - Trophee Richard Galliano

A NEW Category “Richard Galliano” – Godfather of the CMA.

The winner of the Category will be invited to Paris in the mythical Salle Gaveau, on January 1, 2021, to participate in the jubilee concert commemorating the 50 years of Richard Galliano's career !!!!

(reimbursement of the plane ticket up to 500 euros on presentation of an invoice - Depending on entries this could be increased)

Rules: Entries (no age and level limit) only to Perform ONE piece (composition or medley) of Richard Galliano's - Maximum duration 7 minutes. Any kind of accordion maybe used (Acoustic, Digital, etc ...)

Jury: President RICHARD GALLIANO, a selection of others selected by him & A FACEBOOK PUBLIC VOTE.

Registrations: Entries Open from 18th November but NO LATER than 30th November 2020.

Entry must be done directly from www.paypal.com
Go to the address www.paypal.com
Go to the menu:send money (create an account if necessary)
Payment 45 Euros to be sent to the address paypal.account@CMA-Accordions.com
State your name, category “Trophee Galliano” and Title of the piece you will perform.
Send a copy of the Screenshot to ratinachampeix@gmail.com in order to receive confirmation immediately as time is short.

Youtube Videos to be submitted NO LATER than Midnight 7th December 2020.

The videos can be recorded for the Category or may have been recorded at previous concerts SOLOISTS or ENSEMBLES are permitted.. (the CMA reserves the right to refuse videos of unsatisfactory sound or visual quality)

Result: The result will be announced in the form of Jubilee Facebook Live Show on 20th December 2020.

All information and online registrations start Nov 18th on www.cma-2020.com